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Delaware County bar sees uptick in business following filming of "Sinking Spring" TV series

Norwood bar sees uptick in business after Apple Studios films there
Norwood bar sees uptick in business after Apple Studios films there 02:04

NORWOOD, Pa. (CBS) — It's been two weeks since a Delaware County bar became the film location for a scene in a new TV series.

The owner of the bar is now speaking out about what he calls a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

"It was extraordinary," said Matthew Ernst, the owner of Matthew's Tavern on Winona Avenue in Norwood. "I mean, it was definitely an interesting thing to happen to Matthew's Tavern, and we're really grateful for it."

Apple Studios recently spent three days at his bar filming a scene for the upcoming crime drama "Sinking Spring." Ernst said crews were there from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1.

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Ernst says crew members spent the first day taking everything off the walls, including the trophies, the pictures and the Delco sign. They then added their own props.

"The next day, it seemed like over 150 people showed up and that's when they shot their scene," Ernst said. "Some of the actors were correctional officer uniforms, which is kind of interesting because when they came up to the bar at first, I thought that they were real police, but they were just part of the show."

The third day was spent packing up. The whole thing created quite a buzz in the borough.

"All the lights, all the festivities, all the running around, people doing," said customer James Blakely, who's from Prospect Park. "It was pretty cool."

A scout came in December and left a business card with the bartender saying that Apple Studios wanted to film at Matthew's Tavern. Ernst initially thought it was a scam.

"We're really grateful, really appreciative to have Apple Studios, you know, shoot their scene here," Ernst said.

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Ernst said he's not sure why producers picked his bar or even how they found him, but he has a theory.

"I thought maybe because of the old knotty pine walls and this location has been here for a long time," Ernst said.

He said ever since then, there's been an uptick in business.

"A lot of folks been stopping by to see what was going on and have a lot of questions," Ernst said. "So it's exciting."

Ernst said he can't wait to watch the series. No date has been set for its release.

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