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Med school sweethearts find love match, celebrate Match Day at Penn

Couple at Penn finds a love match while in medical school, celebrates Match Day
Couple at Penn finds a love match while in medical school, celebrates Match Day 02:34

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Medical students around the country Friday learned where they will go for their residency programs. The students who will be graduating started medical school at the height of the pandemic.

It's been a challenging four years but it's also been extra special for one couple at Penn.

Penn medical students learned where they'll go for residency programs. And on this Match Day, in the sea of excitement is a new love match.

Benjamin Frost and Charlotte Lee started med school in 2020 when Penn's Hospital was overwhelmed with COVID patients.

"We had multiple babies who were there sick with COVID or other viruses whose families couldn't see them because it wasn't safe," Frost said. "It was heartbreaking."

"The one thing we could do was be there for those patients, hold their hands during tough moments," Lee said.

Empathy mixed with medicine and for these two a special kind of salvation. She wasn't expecting the engagement ring either but Penn has provided so many unexpected moments.

Penn was ground zero for the sickest patients during the pandemic, it was also where the formula for the vaccine was invented.

About 147 envelopes containing residency assignments were all opened at the same time.

For Frost and Lee, another dream came true.

"We got in our number one choice Brigham and Women's [Hospital]," Lee said.

A residency in Boston where they'll go together to specialize in internal medicine.

"We'll be getting married before starting residency so June 1 of this year," Lee said.

Walking into a future of medicine together with the best of memories from their days at Penn.

A special match on Match Day which happens on the third Friday of March.

Thousands of future doctors will know where they'll be spending the next three to seven years.

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