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Mare Of Hawk Hill: Delco Born And Raised, Meet The Real Miss Lady Hawk, St. Joe's Guard Mary Sheehan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Not long ago, the finale of "Mare of Easttown" was the talk of the town, but Kate Winslet isn't the only Mare Sheehan from Delaware County with basketball skills.

If you come across a St. Joe's women's basketball game, you'll recognize a very family name from a very familiar place.

Down the road from Easttown, you'll find the real Miss Lady Hawk herself.

Delco born and Delco raised.

No, not "Mare" of Easttown. St. Joe's guard Mary Sheehan stars in "Mare of Hawk Hill."

"I thought it was great," Sheehan said of the HBO show. "My two favorite genres to watch are either rom-coms or something funny or mystery that keeps you on your toes. And I just thought it was great."

If you're unfamiliar with Winslet's character, Mare Sheehan is a tough detective. She's also a local basketball legend.

Mary Sheehan, the St. Joe's star, isn't solving crimes, but she's a grizzled veteran on the court, back as a fifth-year senior. She's from Drexel Hill. Did Winslet reach out to her to get a little background?

"No, no I'm really confused how we aren't best friends yet," Sheehan said. "Honestly, I'm hoping that it happens. My parents saw it online beforehand, I think a friend sent it to them. They texted to me and were like, 'We're gonna have to watch this.' We didn't have HBO. They're like 'we're gonna have to get HBO.'"

There's a lot of Wawa in "Mare of Easttown." What's Sheehan's order?

"I get an Italian hoagie and I put extra pepperoni on it," she said. "I put peppers, pickles, buffalo sauce. It's really weird."

Having watched the show and growing up in Delco, does Sheehan think they nailed the accent?

"I think they did a really good job," she said. "I did read in an article that my mom sent me that said it was the hardest accent she's ever done. I take a little pride in that I guess, for Delco."

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