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'We're Not Giving Up': Family, Supporters March To Raise Awareness About Ducle Maria Alavez's Disappearance

BRIDGETON, N.J. (CBS) - Nearly four months after 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez disappeared from a Bridgeton park, crowds took to the streets to make sure she's not forgotten. Supporters say they want to raise awareness about Dulce's disappearance.

dulce maria alavez
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The little girl went missing from a playground in Bridgeton on Sept. 16, 2019.

Dulce's family and complete strangers marched from Bridgeton City Park to City Hall. Their goal is to keep hope alive that the young girl will be found.

Dulce Maria Alavez march
(credit: CBS3)

"We're not giving up," Dulce's mother, Noema Alavez Perez, said.

Bridgeton police say Dulce was abducted from the park as she played on the swings with her younger brother.

Police say her mother was sitting in her car about 30 yards away when they believe Dulce was lured by a man into the backseat of a red van.

The FBI, state and local agencies are working together to find Dulce.

Perez is grateful to those who marched in support of her daughter.

"It means a lot because there's some people that are helping us," she said.

Dulce's mother wants to make sure her 5-year-old daughter is not forgotten.

"We love her. We miss her a lot. We want her to come back home. We're not going to stop looking for her until we find her," she said.

Aside from relatives, the march motivated complete strangers.

"I can only imagine what the emotional feeling of what the mother is going through. Loss of a child, don't know," James Suggs said.

Some supporters called out Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly.

"There's still no cameras at this park and we're hoping one day, we'll get the cameras," family friend Jackie Rodriguez said.

The mayor says the city has plans to add cameras in the park.

"The FBI, state police, county and law enforcement and city law enforcement are still working on this case daily. It's nothing that's going to be swept under the rug and forgotten," Kelly said.

Perez recently spoke out in a nationally televised interview with Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil added an additional $25,000 to the reward after Perez appeared on his show, bringing the total to $75,000 for anyone who has any information on Dulce's whereabouts.

Perez is praying and clinging to hope that Dulce will return safe soon.

"I want her to be home with us. I want her to meet her sister, her unborn sister and I want her to be with her brother again," she said.

The mayor is also allowing the family to place a large banner at the park and city hall.

*** If you have any information, please call police at 856-451-0033 or text anonymously to TIP411. ***

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