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Manayunk Residents Frustrated, But Not Surprised By Dramatic Flooding

By Matt Rivers

MANAYUNK, Pa. (CBS) -- The Schuylkill River crested at nearly 14 feet Thursday and Manayunk felt every foot.

Chopper 3 was rolling over a half a million dollar submerged SEPTA bus on Flat Rock Road. The driver and two passengers were on board. (See Previous Story)

In front of the Venice Loft apartments, firefighters were seen rescuing people using motorized boats.

Richard Castrovillo says, "I can't believe the river just rages as it does. It's unbelievable."

The raging river easily filled up Main Street, closing the road for most of the day. Water swirled and sump pumps worked overdrive.

At its height, a car was submerged. Hong Le owns it and found out when her roommate broke the news.

Le says, "She texted me the picture and I kind of started to cry because I recently fixed my car."

With its inside coated in mud, she told CBS 3 how she helped a co-worker get his own car out of the mud yesterday.

"So it took three hours to get home yesterday and that's why I couldn't find parking."

Hence why she parked near the river, now she's got to deal with this.

This isn't the first time Manayunk has flooded like this and it won't be the last. So while residents stopped by to check out the water, they weren't surprised.

Bruce Kravetz says, "You would say that people from Manayunk know what they're getting into down here. Especially down this end, oh absolutely."

Most of the business owners down here have been through this before as well, but we one business that just opened and is going through this for the first time.

The Warming Store tells CBS 3 that if customers can't come into their store, they're going to offer free shipping instead.

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