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Freezing Temperatures, Icy Streets Make For Difficult Commuting In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Although Saturday's winter nor'easter has come and gone, it's left behind frigid temperatures. CBS3 spent Monday morning in the city, which has its fair share of ice.

It was difficult start for some who are parked on the narrow streets of Manayunk like Zach Mohler

"My neighborhood, they don't really plow the streets," he said.

He opted to hitch ride instead of driving, saying it was simply too dangerous.

"Last night when I was trying to drive to my practice, it was pretty bad," he said. "I was skidding all over the place."

"It was horrible for me because I don't like driving in the snow," said resident Danielle Jones. "So this morning, it's great."

That's because the city's snow removal is focused on main roads leaving residents on secondary streets to fend for themselves. The city said plowing or shoveling snow into the street is illegal.

Violators could be fined up to $300. Meanwhile, what's considered the arctic to some, others say these low temperatures are manageable

"I'm from Philly," Jones said, adding, "I'm use to this weather."

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