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Man Who Bought Gun That Killed Plymouth Township Police Officer Sentenced

 By Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa., (CBS) - The Philadelphia man who admitted he illegally bought the gun for a convicted felon who murdered Plymouth Township police officer Brad Fox last year has been sentenced to at least 20 years behind bars.

Defense attorney Craig Hosay says his client had a difficult life punctuated by an abusive father and drug addictions and says this case is different from any other.

"Unfortunately people are killed sometimes with guns that are sold illegally but it's rare. It never happens that someone of this stature happens to be the unfortunate victim in this situation," said Hosay.

Prosecutor Kevin Steele, arguing for a long consecutive sentence, says Michael Henry put guns in Andrew Thomas' hands knowing the convicted felon had no plans to go back to jail and he would shoot a cop. Based on those actions, Steele says two children no longer have a father. The 31-year-old Philadelphia man was sentenced to 20 to 66 years. Steele hopes that sends a clear message.

"Twenty to 66 years should be a deterrent effect on anyone thinking about purchasing a gun for someone who cannot purchase one on their own," said Steele.

Henry admitted he lied on the forms when he bought nine guns telling the court he sold the guns for money to fuel a drug addiction. He apologized to the family saying he was reckless and oblivious to the law because of that addiction. The other eight guns have never been found.

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