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Man, Pregnant Woman Shot In West Oak Lane

By Tim Jimenez, Justin Finch

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Philadelphia Police say a pregnant woman lost her baby after she was shot in West Oak Lane. Now, investigators are trying to find the shooter.

This happened in a residential area, police say. Authorities found two people shot on the 7300 block of Thouron Avenue. The victims were a 46-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman.

The woman was found in the front passenger seat of a still running SUV.

Chief Inspector Scott Small says police rushed her to the hospital, where Small says, "Doctors discovered she was approximately four months pregnant."

Surgery was done, and the baby did not make it.

Police say the woman was shot in the back. She's in critical condition at this time. Authorities say her boyfriend was shot in his legs and he's stable.

As for what exactly happened, police are trying to put it all together with the information they have.

"Witnesses not only heard four or five shots, they heard some sort of argument just prior to the shots being fired," Small says.

The motive is unclear, and who exactly police are looking for is not entirely clear either. Small says two men may have fled the scene.

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