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Man Loses Jackpot After Friend Hits Button At Casino

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A friendship goes sour over a casino rule that most never even consider.

Jan Flato and his friend Maria decided to try their luck at Florida's Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

He put $50 into a machine and asked Maria to push the button for good luck.

The result? $100,000 in winnings! But strangely, it was Maria who got the money.

Flato says, "Upstairs, the eye in the sky, says she touched the button so we have to pay her. I said 'are you kidding me?'"

Bud Green, from Rivers Casino says, "When you put your money in the machine there is no wager, but whoever hits the button the wager actually happens."

The rule extends to casinos across the nation — whoever pulls it, wins it.

As for Jan and Maria, they are now described as "former friends."

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