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Man Injured In Car Fire, Explosion In North Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Police, fire and ATF officials are investigating a car blast and fire in North Philadelphia that sent a man to the hospital early this morning.

The four door car, silver in color, but now charred. All the windows blown out, much like the windows of a home nearby.

At Dauphin and Cleveland Streets around 5:30 in the morning, a blast woke up neighbors like Yolanda.

"I just heard a loud boom and I looked out the window and you could see a cloud of red, and then next thing I know it was boom again! So I ran out of my house and when I came out I saw the car fully engulfed in flames."

She says a man with burns was running away from the car.

Police say the man claims someone drove by and threw something at his car, causing this explosion. But ATF officials say there's no evidence that an explosive device was used.

The man is in his 40s, according to police, and has burns on his hands, arms and back but is listed in stable condition.

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