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Upper Darby Man Charged With Rape Tied To Craigslist Ad

By Jim Melwert

Upper Darby P.a. (CBS) -- Upper Darby police have arrested a man on rape and human-trafficking charges, after he allegedly assaulted a woman who answered a job posting on Craigslist.

A 18-year-old woman says when she was hired by an Upper Darby man through a Craigslist ad, she was told it was for a home health aide.  But when she went to the man's apartment to fill out paperwork, she found out that application was for an escort service.

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She declined, and she tells police that's when the man raped her.

Upper Darby Police arrested 42-year-old Kevin Cornish of Ferne Boulevard, on charges of rape, kidnapping, and human trafficking.

When they searched his apartment, Upper Darby police superintendent Michael Chitwood says they found about 50 other applications for the so-called escort service:

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"Basically it's a prostitution ring is what it is, just based on what's contained in the application."

Now, Chitwood says, they're reaching out to those women to see if there were any other rapes or assaults.

He says this is another reminder, that when people respond to a Craigslist ad or online posting, they need to find out who they're dealing with:

"And I keep on preaching that, people go on these social network sites and they put themselves in harm's way sometimes."

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