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Man Acquitted Of Homicide By Vehicle In Death Of Off-Duty Philadelphia Police Officer

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- An East Mount Airy man has been acquitted of homicide by vehicle and manslaughter in the death of a police officer who, according to the prosecution's evidence, drove his bike into the path of the defendant. The judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence against Kareem Alleyne to send the case to the jury.

Defense attorney James Funt says the prosecution's evidence showed off-duty Marc Brady had been harassing Kareem Alleyne for nearly two years because Alleyne was dating Brady's former girlfriend and mother of his six children. And on the night of the accident, he says Alleyne was going just 15 miles an hour when Brady crashed head on into Alleyne's car. Funt says Alleyne, who fear for his life if he stopped, tried to take evasive action. He was the only one who did on that rainy night.

"Literally he had less than two seconds to make a split second decision to either stop the car, veer to the left or do nothing, and Mr. Alleyne made the decision to veer to the left, it was just too late before the accident occurred," Funt said.

Funt says Alleyne is relieved and thankful the system ultimately did work.

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