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Eagles Safety Malcolm Jenkins Opens Menswear Store

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)— For Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, football and fashion go hand and hand.

He admits it's a lot.

"I think the biggest thing is I try to get a much stuff done during the offseason," said Jenkins.

And he's not kidding. His new store "Damari Savile" went from concept to reality in 6 months.

"I'm here a lot," he laughs. "I enjoy the hands on part so I'm here all the time, probably not as much during the season, but right now I got time. We have a ton of fabric books and depending on how involved you want to be you go through everything from the pockets to the lapel."

The most fashion forward players might surprise you.

"You have guys like Carson Wentz, he kind of knows what he wants," says Jenkins. "He came in with a good idea, he picked certain ones that he wanted and we helped him with a couple of looks. You got a couple of other guys that dress pretty well, especially when it comes to suits. Vinny Curry is another one…when it comes to suits when we travel Vinny is pretty fresh."

And it's the whole shopping experience; he feels will keep people coming back.

"You can go anywhere and buy a suit, but we want you to come here and have a good time. Our ready to wear line is named after streets in Philadelphia. Soon we'll have a cool whisky lounge in the basement…it's just an overall good spot right across from Washington Square it's fun."

Football, fashion and yes fun. Another reason Malcolm Jenkins is a huge hit on and off the field.

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