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Major Companies Introduce Workplace Dating Policies With One Major Caveat

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The rules of the workplace: there's usually a long list and employees are expected to follow them. And for some of the biggest companies, the rules are changing when it comes to dating coworkers.

In the past, some companies have tried banning coworkers dating altogether. But that's not always practical.

So several major corporations have updated their policies with just one dating rule.

Love is found in a multitude of places.

"We met in high school," one couple said.

OK, not a lot of controversy there, but what about dating in the workplace? Is that ever OK?

"Yeah, if you keep it on a professional level," one man said.

"Some people are persistent and you can't stop persistence," one woman said.

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It's precisely that kind of persistence that several major companies are cracking down on. Facebook, Google and now Airbnb have all laid out new policies, allowing for their employees to date.

One major caveat: a coworker can only ask out another equal-level coworker just one time.

"So that one time you ask that person out you make the best of it," one woman said.

"I think by limiting the amount of times that you can ask a person, it definitely cuts down on the amount of times they can harass somebody," said another.

And harassment scandals are exactly what these companies are trying to avoid. But what about the chase?

Some people Eyewitness News spoke with said they'd miss it.

"That would make me happy actually [if someone kept asking me out]," one man said.

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"You only got one shot, you gotta make it count but I wanna be chased. That's why I'm still single after all these years. I just keep running," said another.

"I think your workplace should be your safe space and it's like you can only play with matches one time," one woman said.

Because you might get burned. And under these policies, someone who can't take no for an answer will be shown the door.

Bottom line, persistence does not always pay off.

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