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Made Up Trade: Dealing Turner And Hawes Together

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We're likely entering the final days of the Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner era of Philadelphia 76ers basketball. The trade deadline is February 20th, and it seems unlikely either guy will be on the team past that date.

The Sixers, by the way, have only one more game before that deadline, thanks to this weekend's All-Star break. February 18th against the Cavs at the Wells Fargo Center could very well be your last shot to see The Big Conservative and The Moping Chucker shoot threes and get their shots blocked, respectively, in a Sixers uniform.

Today's made-up trade, designed by Ethan Giles (@giles1228 on Twitter), sends Turner and Hawes to spots they've been rumored to be heading.

Sixers Get:

Ben Gordon (One Year, $13.2 Million)

Jan Vesely (One Year, $3.3 Million)

Reggie Bullock (Four Years, $1.1 Million)

Portland Trailblazers 2014 First Round Pick via Charlotte

Bobcats Get:

Evan Turner (One Year, $6.7 Million)

Clippers Get:

Spencer Hawes (One Year, $6.5 Million)

Wizards Get:

Jared Dudley (Three Years, $4.3 Million)

Why The Sixers Do It:

Because of all the room the Sixers have under the cap, they're able to take on Ben Gordon and Jan Vesely's expiring contracts. Though I'd love to see a game or two of Ben Gordon so maybe we'd see a "Ben Gordon Gets Hot" game, he'd likely be waived immediately. They take a shot on a young shooting guard in Bullock, and add another first round pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Why The Bobcats Do It:

Charlotte's interest in Turner shows that there is a sucker born every minute. In this case, that sucker is Michael Jordan. From afar, Turner's counting numbers look impressive. He's what we refer to in the car business (I'm not in the car business) as a 50 Yarder. Looks great from down the street, but when you get up close, YEESH.

Why The Clippers Do It:

The Clippers are very thin in the frontcourt n the bench, and neither of their starting big men (Griffin, Jordan), shoot free throws particularly well. Hawes would fit in well with the Clippers as they take a shot at a Finals run.

Why The Wizards Do It:

The Wizards have a hole at small forward, and Jared Dudley and his slow self fill that role better than anyone they've got.


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