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Lynne Abraham First Woman To Appear On Glasses At Local Bar

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A well known Philadelphian is the first woman whose mug appears on a beer glass at a popular restaurant and bar in Old City.

At National Mechanics on 3rd near Market Street there are about 10 images on pint glasses of well known men who made their marks in Philadelphia at one time or another, like Bill Cosby, Gary Heidnik, Ira Einhorn, Frank Rizzo, Edgar Allen Poe. Now the bar introduces the first woman on its glasses: former District Attorney Lynne Abraham.

Darren Hill, one of the owners of the establishment, said, "It's a speckled history; some of these people we love. We love Lynne Abraham. We hate Gary Heidnik. It's an interesting story. We chose to not do Ben Franklin and some of the more common ones you would expect and tried to do some of the more obscure stuff."

Abraham said she didn't know about the glass until KYW told her, "And that sort of fits in with a lot of things. I was the first outstanding young leader of Philadelphia, I was the first woman on Municipal Court the first woman district attorney and now my face on a beer glass. I just think the sky is the limit."

She joked that she's not sure whether her face on a beer mug would encourage or discourage drinking, but said she thinks it's great.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio 1060

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