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Former Phila. District Attorney Lynne Abraham Collapses During Mayoral Debate

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Philadelphia district attorney Lynne Abraham is recovering after collapsing during a mayoral debate at the Kimmel Center in Center City.

It was about 10 minutes into the debate when Democratic mayoral candidate Lynne Abraham collapsed while on stage.

"While I was just standing there the lights went out. The doctor jumped up on the stage and I said I want to get up and go on and he said I don't think so," said Abraham.

Abraham went back stage to receive medical attention and the debate went on.

She says the doctor tells her she may have suffered from a sudden drop in blood pressure.

"These things sometimes happen, they're inexplicable, never happened before and it just happened at an inopportune time, I regret to say," she said.

Abraham says she's embarrassed about the incident but assures constituents it will not affect her campaigning.

While addressing the media she joked "I fell gracefully."






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