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Lynne Abraham Blames On-Stage Collapse On Not Drinking Enough Water

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Democratic mayoral candidate Lynne Abraham says her fainting spell during a televised debate last night was nothing more than dehydration.

She says she feels fine, arriving this morning at the National Museum of American Jewish History for a mayoral forum on planning and land use.

She blamed last night's collapse on dehydration.

"I just didn't drink enough water.  I'm drinking water today," she added, "something I almost never do."

So, what was in the coffee cup that was sitting in front of her at this morning's event?

"It was Starbucks!  I regret to say... I mean, I'm happy to say," she replied.

The state of her health never came up during today's forum.  A fellow candidate, state senator Anthony Williams, says it remains to be seen how the issue will play out.

"None of us are spring chickens on that stage.  And it can happen to anybody," he said.

Abraham, 74, didn't think the image of her collapsing at a podium would affect her ability to fundraise, saying Philadelphians should know her as, in her words, "One tough broad."



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