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Abandoned dog found injured along SEPTA train tracks

Abandoned dog found injured along train tracks in Montgomery County
Abandoned dog found injured along train tracks in Montgomery County 02:05

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A group of angels is working to save a dog found abandoned and injured along SEPTA train tracks in Montgomery County.

"Lucky literally fought for two days on the railroad tracks, survived, fought to live," Sidara Son, from Philly Rescue Angels, said, "and we want to fight for him too."

There's a lot of love for Lucky. He was found injured on the Lawndale Station train tracks located along SEPTA's Fox Chase line.

Now, he's in the fight for his life after doctors say he is suffering from spinal cord injury and deemed to have an unfavorable neurological outcome.

"He was basically paralyzed from the waist down and wasn't able to move," Son said. "He was scared, still sweet ."

Son was there to help Lucky and says he somehow managed to survive the multiple trains going by before they found him.

"He was literally in the middle of the track," Son said. "The trains weren't able to stop and every time a train would come, he would pop his head up, see the train, duck down, lay flat on the ground and the train would just overpass him."

Lucky is being treated at Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital's Intensive Care Unit.

The hospital says Lucky's long-term quality of life is a guarded prognosis due to the unknown, long-term health issues associated with the injury. They say Penn Vet Orthopedic Surgery Service is doing everything possible.

Philly Rescue Angels say they are looking for a medical foster and donations to go toward Lucky's mounting medical bills, surgery and extensive aftercare.

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