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Parents React To Lower Moreland Township Schools Making Masks Optional

LOWER MORELAND, Pa. (CBS) -- Lower Moreland Township Schools have voted to make masks optional. The majority of parents that spoke with CBS3 at Pine Road Elementary School say it's time to make masks optional in schools.

But they're taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to their own kids.

As kids arrived at Pine Road on Wednesday, their parents are well aware that masks are no longer mandatory inside, and many are OK with it.

"Now, I don't think it really matters," said Sumash John, who has two kids. "To think we are going to live with this virus forever, so it's part of our life now."

Parents React To Lower Moreland Township Schools Making Masks Optional

"I understand that a lot of kids have been having issues," Jessica Derr, a parent of two, said. "A lot of parents have wanted them dropped for a long time. So, I just think now the numbers are at a point where it makes sense to do that."

At the same time, many of those same parents have instructed their own kids to continue wearing the mask, even while their peers may not.

"I actually put a mask on my daughter, but hopefully it will go gradually away and she doesn't have to wear a mask at all," Dina Ibragimova said.

"For kids, yeah it's really good," John said. "They're excited to be back to school without a mask, but personally speaking, I would still recommend them to wear it as long as they are comfortable."

For the second consecutive week, data from the Montgomery County Office of Public Health shows Lower Moreland's transmission rate remains in the substantial, moderate, or low category. Still, some parents say the school district lifted the mask mandate too quickly and failed to follow the science.

"I'd just love to see them following epidemiologists and other public health experts," Heather Abraham said. "Even our local experts agree that this was premature. So yeah, it would be great if they could just keep that in mind next time they're making decisions along these lines."

Face coverings are recommended but not required in Lower Moreland for the next two weeks, and the guidance could change once again.

Masks are still required on all school buses.

Meanwhile, in Delaware County on Tuesday night, Radnor and Garnet Valley voted to end their mask mandate. 

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