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Lacrosse a family affair at Lower Merion High School

In Lower Merion, lacrosse is a family affair
In Lower Merion, lacrosse is a family affair 02:24

LOWER MERION, Pa. (CBS) -- At Lower Merion High School, family takes on a different meaning for its boys' and girls' varsity lacrosse teams, with a brother-sister duo playing the same sport and same position since the beginning.

"I'm a goalie," Sean Rubin said. "I started playing goalie when I was around 11."

"I am a goalie," Hadley Rubin said. "I saw my brother being one, so I was like, why not give it a try?"

Sean, 17, and his younger sister Hadley have shared a love of playing lacrosse since they were youngsters.

Sean and Hadley Rubin

"I really like the competitiveness and the game's like very fast," Sean said. "It's a very high pace. It like, challenges your brain and challenges your body at the same time."

Sean started at goalie for the Lower Merion boys' squad for the past two years. He also played for the Mesa Lacrosse program over the summer. He said his save percentage was better than average.

"It's like 50% to 55%, around that, so about half-ish," Sean said, "and that's pretty good for a high school goalie. A goalie is like a mental and physical thing."

"He's really hard on himself," Hadley said. "And after a game, he'll like, 'I could've really made that save.'"

Always admiring her big brother, Hadley also is making a name for herself. 

The 14-year-old Hadley was the starting goalie as a freshman for the Aces girls' varsity team.

"I feel like I improved a lot over the past two years and I'm getting a lot better," Hadley said.

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Like her brother, her save percentage is over 50%.

"I never thought about being a goalie before," Hadley said. "Seeing him push himself and work hard made me want to be better."

But their love for lacrosse is a love they share with their father.

"The reason I got into lacrosse is because of my dad," Sean said.

"He was always introducing us to lacrosse when we were younger," Hadley said.

"He played when he was younger and he's been a really big influence on me," Sean said.

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