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Lou Dobbs Lashes Out At George W. Bush For Comments On Trump

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Cable news host Lou Dobbs assailed former President George W. Bush for comments he made about President Donald Trump's dealings with the media on the "Today Show" this week, criticizing him for not speaking out against former President Barack Obama and leading the nation into a war in Iraq.

Dobbs told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he's shocked Bush would say anything about Trump after saying nothing during the entire term of Obama.


"Here we are, all these years, he kept his mouth quiet during the presidency of Barack Obama, in which he just destroyed so much of the U.S. foreign policy, aided our enemies, disappointed and disengaged from our allies around the world, and, suddenly, this president is holding forth on Donald Trump. This is one of those 'you can't make this stuff up.' He and Mitt Romney have been more vicious toward Donald Trump than they ever, ever were in their criticism of Barack Obama," Dobbs said.

Dobbs also questioned Bush's standing within the GOP and his judgment in managing the response to 9/11.

"He's never been a conservative and everyone has to understand that. I will give him credit for his good intentions but ... there's no question, President Trump was right, as a candidate, when he pointed to Bush and said he attacked the wrong country and he did and we've paid a heck of a price for it," Dobbs explained. "When we went into Iraq, we should've been going in to Afghanistan. We should've been taking out the terrorists that were training in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Libya, Syria. Go through the mistakes made by his administration and for him to stand up and hold forth on correct policy and direction is terrible."


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