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Long-Range Forecast Shows Not Much Snow During This Winter Season

By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It looks like the upcoming winter season may be another mild one.

We may see a little bit more snow, but not until later in the season, according to the long-range winter forecast from AccuWeather.

Long-range forecaster Paul Pastelok says we shouldn't expect bitter cold temperatures or much in the way of snow for the rest of this year.

And while October has been warmer than normal so far, he says, November may be cooler and rainy.

And he expects a warm-up in December.

"I think December is least likely to see much snowfall," Pastelok tells KYW Newsradio.  "Maybe toward the very end, near the holidays, we may sneak in a storm, but I think it's mostly for the interior sections.  Our highest probability of getting a significant snow event right now could come not until late January or February."

Pastelok is forecasting that the Philadelphia area could see overall snow accumulations running in the mid-teens. Last winter, Philadelphia recorded a total of eight inches of snow.

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