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'I Can't Take Off The Color Of My Skin': Local Teen Tackles Racism Using Clothing With Powerful Message

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A teenager interested in finding justice for all came up with a slogan she thinks will help educate others. And it's getting some attention from some very famous people.

In the midst of nationwide protests calling for justice after the killing of George Floyd, 13-year-old India Alston had a thought.

"The shirt says, 'You can take off your uniform but I can't take off the color of my skin,'" she said.

A little girl with a powerful message.

"What that means is oftentimes police officers say they risk their lives while they're in uniform and I was saying we risk our lives too, just from our skin color. You guys can take off your uniform but we can't take off the color of our skin," India said.

"I kept saying wow, that's powerful, that's powerful, that's powerful," India's father Charlie Mack said. "It has to live beyond that conversation."

India and her father, an entrepreneur, turned that quote into a T-shirt and recently she shared it with megastar and Philly's own Will Smith. To India, he's just Uncle Will.

India's dad and Smith grew up together and are best friends.

During a chat on Mack's Instagram show, her Uncle Will gave her a ringing endorsement.

"Let me know what you need. I deeply and desperately want to support you so let me know what you need," he said.

"I call him uncle Will because that's all I've ever known. Everyone said it should be surreal, it should be crazy, but I grew up with this," India said.

The young basketball player who also plays three instruments is very busy promoting her message on social media.

She's already tackling issues far beyond her years, inspiring a younger generation that their voice and their lives matter.

"All the little kids out there, you have a voice and you should definitely use it," she said.

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