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Rumors Swirling About iPad 3

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Apple has a media event set for March 7th, when it's widely expected to announce the iPad 3.  So, what's new about it, and what should be in it?

Nothing's confirmed -- and Apple is famously tight-lipped (until an employee leaves a device in a bar).  But it's thought the newest tablet to come from Cupertino will have a faster processor, a higher-res display, a longer-lasting battery, maybe even 4G.

Alex at Gadget Fix on South Street says, "I like the iPad 2 design." That's good, because it's not expected to change much. In fact, the iPad 3 could get slightly thicker if it's stuffed with better cameras.

And you likely won't be able to insert a USB stick or camera card anytime soon.

"They're not going to add USB, because they won't be able to sell it for more money. They sell their 64GB for way more than their 16GB, but it's the same cost for them to make it."

At Gadget Fix on South Street, Alex says he makes the same repairs, over and over: "Cracked screens, broken audio jacks for the earplugs, and they drop it in water -- a lot of water damage."

So, before you look to a new iPad, check out a broken old one and consider the cost to fix it. "It's spider webbed out. We take the screen off and put a new one on."

To replace the shattered screen, a common problem with these glass-topped devices, you'll shell out big bucks, "The iPad 2 is $150, the iPad 1 is $120..."

He says Apple could -- but likely won't -- waterproof the iPad, and use a screen that would better stand up to the drops, blows, and throws.

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