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Local Survivors Of Colorado Shooting Massacre Share Their Stories

By Jericka Duncan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Investigators are looking for clues to the motive behind a deadly shooting rampage Friday inside a Colorado movie theater, as the Denver suburb, shocked, grieved for the victims.

"We're ok, we're just a little shaken up but we're just happy she's ok," said Jamie Frye of Northern New Jersey.

Last night, our affiliate CBS 2 in New York, spoke to the sister of Jacqueline Frye. Jacqueline was at the Aurora, Colorado theater where police say 24-year-old James Holmes opened fire Friday morning.

"She's doing ok, she just got out of surgery a little while ago," said Frye.

Others who are recovering Saturday morning include Zach Golditch, who lives near Aurora. Right now he is left with a bullet hole in his neck. Golditch was in a theater next to where the chaos broke out. At least one of the bullets pierced through the wall and hit him.

"It sounded like a firecracker went off right next or behind my ear," Golditch explained. "My hands were covering my ears I was like this really hurts and then I felt the blood hit my hand. I said I'm cut pretty badly because I could feel it dripping, like a lot."

Golditch says he called his mother first. "My son said mom, I've been shot, I said what, is this a joke," said Christine Golditch.

One of the victim's shot has ties to Philadelphia. Carey Rottman wrote on his Facebook page: "Thank you sooooo much everyone for the amazing prayers and kind wishes. I am definitely feeling nothing but live and am ready to get started on this recovery."

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