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Local Students Whip Up Traditional Recipes Using New Ingredients

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A culinary research lab at a Philadelphia University is turning scraps of vegetables, normally thrown away into a new ingredient.

Students at Drexel University Food lab are whipping up new ways to use nutritious powders and flours. How it works is the powder is produced from vegetable pieces that were discarded. The veggies scraps are dried and grounded into a blend that can be used as a vegetable supplement.

(Photo credit: KYW's John McDevitt)

Ally Zietz, Drexel Food Lab manager says this this is also about educating people.

"We are working with Baldor Specialty Foods and they do all the fresh cut produce that is pretty much on the east coast," she said. "Diced butternut squash, diced onions, celery sticks, carrot sticks and, people don't realize there is a ton of waste that happens with that."

So the fresh cut vegetable distribution company asked the students to use their flour and incorporate it into their recipes.

Among a panel of judges favorites, a veggie flour biscuit sandwich, blini bites, carrot cake, and Quinoa balls were all made by the young chefs.

(Photo credit: KYW's John McDevitt)

The recipes are expected to be used in a plan to market the veggie flour product.

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