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Local Student Chefs Compete To Get A Dish They Created On School District's Menu

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Student chefs from three Philadelphia public schools competed Thursday for the honor of getting a dish they created on the district's breakfast menu.

All of the judges found it was a tough call.

Randolph, Dobbins and Swenson students chopped, diced, baked and wrapped under time constraints and the pressure of being judged by a panel that included restaurateur Marc Vetri.

For Emily Martes and Ikea Jasper of Swenson, presenting their dish, an unconventional sausage-banana sandwich, was the hardest part.

"It was nerve-wracking, but cool. I was scared, I was beyond scared."

But they got high marks.

"It was a little daring," said chef Elijah Millington, "but it worked out really well."

"It was good," said Pat Cook, a school district food service supervisor. "You guys did a great job!"

In the end, though, Randolph took the prize with an apple-sausage burrito, much to the delight of the cheer squad who came along for support.

This is the second year for the contest but the first in the Free Library's new kitchen.

Randolph was also the winner, last year, with a soul food chicken wrap that became a district lunch entrée.

Amanda Wagner of the Philadelphia Health Department, which sponsored the contest, hopes the enthusiasm carries over to the cafeteria.

"We're just really excited," Wagner said. "This is a fun way to come up with healthy and appealing school food that kids would want to eat."



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