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Local Street Sign Misspells Name Of Famous Woman In American History

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A South Philadelphia street sign misspells the name of one of the most famous women in American history.

Cheesesteaks, Billy Penn and the American flag...they're about as Philadelphia as it gets. But what about the woman who sewed that flag?

We look up to her and say her name proudly, so why is it spelled "Besty Ross" on a local street sign?

"Besty Ross? Yeah, that's different," one man Eyewitness News spoke to said.

But "Besty Ross" it is down at Oregon and Broad -- a major misspelling by someone, but apparently, not by the city.

Natalie walks by the sign every day. First, she read it as "Betsy Ross," but then --

"Oh, it's spelled backwards!" she said.

"It's a good thing they didn't use a 'u'," another man laughed.

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