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New Type of Hair Salon Could Blow Into Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The tough economy is causing women to clip their beauty budget. So a new type of salon is cropping up all over the country.

It's called a blow dry bar. It's a salon where stylists don't cut or color your hair. All they do is blow it out.

"A blow out usually involves coming in and getting a shampoo, condition and a style blown out, usually with a round brush."

Jennifer Ebberwein is the owner of Crimson Hair Studio, a full service salon near 16th and Pine Streets. She says people view blow outs like manicures and pedicures. They have to be fast and cheap.

"People don't necessarily want to have to schedule an appointment for it. They want to just be able to come in, get it done and go on about their day."

Ebberwein says most blow out bars charge less than $40, but could cost more if you have lots of hair. She says the real secret to success is speed - good blow outs take about 30 minutes and can last four days. Another secret is convenient hours.

"I think you'd have to work really early mornings and later at night to accommodate people."

The one downside - there's not a lot of time for personal style.

Reported By Cherri Gregg, KYW Newsradio

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