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Local Organization Helping Philadelphia Senior Citizens Avoid Scams

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Scams targeting senior citizens are nothing new.

But a local organization is helping seniors know what to look out for so they do not get scammed.

It could be your grandma, grandpa or your older neighbor right down the street.

Each year thousands of seniors are the victims of different scams, with phone call scams being some of the most common.

"Do not provide them information."

At a senior crime prevention class on Thursday, Silvia Boswell with NewCourtland LIFE, an organization that services the elderly throughout Philadelphia, said it's all too common for them to see seniors fall victim to these scams.

"Often times if you would just call back to your financial institution whether it's your bank or your credit card or whoever the allege person was they will be able to very quickly be able to tell you if they called or not," Boswell said.

If a person you know has been scammed or thinks they may have been scammed, they should reach out to the state's attorney general's office or their state representative.

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