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Local Hospital Joins Fight Against Ebola

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A statement from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania says its agreed to be among hospitals to care for U.S. medical workers who contract Ebola while working in Africa.

The hospital has conducted refresher training and is able to safely and effectively isolate suspected cases.

On another front, Governor Tom Corbett and state health officials revealed that three Pennsylvania residents who live in the Northwest part of the state are being monitored for Ebola.

They were on the Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland to Dallas along with the nurse who has the virus.

"At this point in time they are showing no symptoms. In addition to having daily calls with those residents, we will be continuing to have them self-monitor," Gov. Corbett said.

Corbett said the three unidentified individuals are still in Texas. They've been told by the CDC not to travel on commercial flights for 21 days.

"The risk to the general public in Pennsylvania remains very low at this point in time," Corbett said.

Health officials say while all hospitals should be able to handle a potential Ebola case, preparations continue to evolve.

"What we are doing now is evaluating all of our procedures to determine if there are any gaps or elements that may need to be changed based on the news from Texas," Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Michael Wolf said.

The focus now is to quickly identify any potential Ebola cases and then implement all of the safety precautions that are now in place.

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