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Local Hispanic Leaders Give Corbett 'Binder Full Of Latinos'

By Community Affairs reporter Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Local Hispanic leaders delivered "Binders full of Latinos" to Governor Tom Corbett's Philadelphia office Friday.

When recently asked about Latino's on his staff, Governor Tom Corbett replied he didn't have any.

He then went on to say, "if you can find us one, let me know."

This statement sparked outrage in the Latino community, says Jorge Salazar, Community Organizer with Pennsylvania United for Immigration Reform.

"We thought it was kind of offensive and decided to take advantage of that and remind all elected officials - whether it's Senator Toomey, whether it's Senator Casey or any other state representative- that the Latino vote is growing and they need to take it seriously," he explains.

Salazar says the binder included information about Pennsylvania's growing Latino community, as well as nearly two dozen resumes of Latino professionals potentially qualified to work in the Corbett administration.

According to Pennsylvania United statistics, Latino voters in Pennsylvania represented about six percent of the vote, double the three percent in 2010.

No one from the Governor's office could be immediately reached for comment.

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