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Local Ham Radio Club Celebrates Special Anniversary

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Ham radio operators from the Delaware Valley will be participating in a statewide test this weekend, but one group is marking the occasion by observing a special anniversary.

Members of the Frankford Radio Club will be among the hundreds of operators active throughout this weekend in an event aimed at establishing amateur communications among all of Pennsylvania's 67 counties, the U.S., Canada, and foreign countries.

Bud Trench, whose ham radio call sign is AA3B, is treasurer of the Frankford club, whose members live in Philadelphia, the suburbs, south Jersey, and Delaware.

ham radio
Bud Trench, AA3B, treasurer of the Frankford Radio Club, will be among the hundreds of amateur radio operators on the air this weekend as part of a PA radio test during which the FRC will mark its 90th anniversary. (credit: Bud Trench, AA3B, Frankford Radio Club)

"Our club members will enjoy the privilege of being highly sought after and also being able to share with the amateur radio community our 90th anniversary celebration," Trench said.

He says 17 of the Frankford stations will be transmitting from 15 separate counties.

The radio event runs through Sunday evening.

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