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Local Gun Control Advocate Talks About Meeting At White House

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The National Rifle Association and Wal-Mart, the largest gun retailer in the country, are set to meet with Vice President Biden today at the White House; all part of his gun violence task force. This comes a day after the Vice President met with gun control advocates.

Shira Goodman, Executive Director of CeasefirePA, along with the others from around the country brought some common ideas and hopes at the White House.

"There was a focus not just on the general idea of background checks on all guns, but making sure all states share their mental health records with the federal database."

Also, a shared belief that after Sandy Hook, this discussion on guns is different.

"People are almost ashamed of how we let America get to this point that we could have 20 little kids be gunned down in their school. And so I think there is an energy and just a force right now that is motivating people."

She says she respects the second amendment, but says a gun violence problem exists, especially since too many get in the wrong hands.

As for the Vice President's meeting with the NRA.

"If they're willing to be part of that solution then I think it could be very productive. I will be very curious to see which way it goes."

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