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Local Group Wants Cleaner Air For Kids

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A local environmental organization is urging lawmakers to limit the amount of carbon that is emitted from coal fire plants.

Trisha Sheehan, regional field manager of Mom's Clean Air Force, says air quality greatly impacts quality of life, especially for children:

"Our goal in the end is for Senator Pat Toomey to support America's clean power plant; to support strong carbon standards from coal fire plants. The clean power plant is the first attempt at limited the amount of carbon that is emitted from coal fire plants."


She says kids are very much affected by the air quality where they live, play and attend their school:

"They are playing outside so they are directly impacted from air pollution. They also take more breaths, they're lungs are still developing so they're more susceptible to air quality issues."

She adds poor air quality exacerbates asthma:

"And a child with asthma is going to have their education impacted with having to deal with and manage their asthma and their breathing."

Philadelphia is currently ranked 5th nationally for asthma.

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