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Local Community Packs Christmas Gifts For Children In Third World Countries

By Hadas Kuznits

MALVERN, Pa. (CBS) - Community members in Malvern, Chester County spent Saturday afternoon packing shoeboxes of presents to send out to third world countries during Christmas.

The program is called "Operation Christmas Child." Area coordinator Amy Shaw says gifts are given to children in other countries who have virtually nothing:

"Every year, people all over the United States and in some other countries pack shoeboxes full of hygiene products, school supplies, some clothing, toys."

She says the gifts get to some pretty remote areas:

"Our shoeboxes will go by camel, boat, barge, yak. You know, however they have to get them into the villages."

And, she says, each child gets an entire shoebox:

"The kids have never received a gift at all, and when they open the box they can't even believe it's for them."

Daniel is a volunteer from Ghana who helped distribute Christmas shoeboxes there:

"It's like 'what? Is this for me?' And they are shocked."

He adds everything the children receive are items they would only see probably on TV or in the shop.

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