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Local Columnist: Lack Of Religion To Blame For Rise In Heroin Use

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Local conservative columnist JD Mullane blamed the rise of heroin use in Bucks County on millennials fleeing organized religion.

Mullane, speaking Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said drug use he sees in his community is different and more dangerous than when he was growing up.


"This isn't like when we were kids in the 70's and early 80's, you pass around a joint in the basement with some of your friends and eat some Doritos and get back to work the next day or a few hours later. This is heroin. This is always associated with junkies, with the seedy underbelly of cities across America, neighborhoods you didn't want to go to or be in. Now we have it out here in the shiny white suburbs."

He cites millennials preoccupation with their careers and education as the reason they've stopped attending church, which then enabled the epidemic of drug use to spread into the suburbs.

"How did it happen out in Bucks County? You can't drive down a major highway in Bucks County, at least lower Bucks County without seeing a shuttered church. I think that lack of spirituality, religion, whatever you call it, I think millennials have substituted in some sort sense of spirituality summed up by a bumper sticker I just saw in Falls Township, Coexist. It's reduced to a bumper sticker. Coexist. This void is filled distractions, sports, school, maybe a career, but for the most sensitive souls, it's filled with drugs."

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