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Local College Cracks Down On Underage Partying

By Chelsea Lacey-Mabe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Temple University is cracking down on off-campus parties and increasing underage alcohol fines, according to a statement emailed to students on Tuesday.

"As private developers have increased the number of apartments available to students in the neighborhoods around Main Campus, we have seen a disturbing rise in disrespectful and disruptive behavior by a relatively small number of students," Temple University president Neil Theobald said in the statement. "This type of behavior is unsafe and unacceptable. Temple University has a responsibility to take a strong stand."

Over the past few years, the student presence in North Philadelphia has been growing. Since 2011, three large housing units, including Mitchell and Hilarie Morgan Residence Hall, Diamond Green Apartments and The View at Montgomery have been added to the makeup of main campus and the surrounding area.

The notice explained how the university will be holding underage students and those who host off-campus parties to a higher standard and equally accountable. This means that the party host, whether or not he or she is 21 will face fines just as an underage guest would. A minimum fine for a first offense will cost them $250 but under a revision to Temple's Student Code of Conduct, second and third offenses have been raised to $750 and $1000.

Temple also clarified that anyone who lives at the house or whose name is on the lease could be subjected to fines as high as $1,500 and possibly additional consequences such as suspension or expulsion even if he or she was not at the house at the time of the party.

This announcement follows Temple's recent decision to move forward with plans to look into building a football stadium in North Philadelphia. The proposal has been met with protests from a portion of Temple students and community members who fear increased traffic and further infringement on the existing neighborhoods.

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