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Local Catholic Group Reacts To Suspension Of 21 Philadelphia Archdiocese Priests

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- By the time news of the suspension of 21 Philadelphia Priests hit the CBS Evening News, members of the group "Voice of the Faithful" in Philadelphia had gathered for their monthly meeting.

"Disgust, I guess would be first word," Joy Wuenschel said.

They are Catholics openly critical of their Church. It's a group created, among other things, to support victims of Clergy sex abuse. Wuenschel came to the meeting after speaking to some of the victims' families.

"It's raw. It just opens their wounds again," Wuenschel explained.

Another member, Bud Bretschneider said, "This is very embarrassing."

"It's very late and it doesn't now attack the real issue," Charles McMahon added.

The real issue, according to this group is for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to continue to move forward. Previously, Clergy rape victims had to report their abuse within five years of their 18th birthday. Today, victims have until their 50th birthday to report sex crimes. "Voice of the Faithful" members say, true justice for victims means the latest law, too, needs to be changed.

"Step up support of the abolition of the statutes of limitation," Bretschneider said.

McMahon added, "This is now our number one priority. They could be saying, 'Look what we're doing, you don't need to be in court anymore.' Well, that's bologna."

"Voice of the Faithful" members say local lawmakers introduced two bills aimed at making the necessary changes last week. Eyewitness News learned similar efforts in the past got nowhere but McMahon and fellow members say they remain hopeful changes will be made, this time around.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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