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As Casey Anthony Is Released, Local Attorney Questions Media Frenzy Around Trial

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - There are some who believe Casey Anthony's freedom is a travesty of justice and there are others who see it in a broader context.

Philadelphia defense attorney Richard Hark points out that death penalty murder trials begin and end every day across the country without the media scrutiny the Casey Anthony case has received. He says this may lead to a distorted view of the justice system, "To choose this case as the cause celebre when the facts didn't support a conviction creates a very bad impression that everybody is getting away with murder and they're not."

Hark says the prosecution used the facts and witnesses they had and he's satisfied the Casey Anthony jury fulfilled their duty rightly. 'Not guilty' means the prosecution didn't meet its burden of proof for a death penalty case.

The Casey Anthony jury couldn't draw a direct line from the young mother to her toddler daughter Caylee's death.

"Part of the absence of evidence in this case was also who did what to the child," Hark says.

Remember, the defense had planted the idea that Caylee drowned in the family pool and Grandfather George Anthony had disposed of her body.

"(The defense attorney) attempted to focus the attention of the jury on somebody else or at least not his client."

Remember also, there was no evidence of any involvement by grandfather George Anthony. But, when he testified, the jury foreman said they didn't believe him; they felt he was hiding something.

Reported by Cheryl Elias, KYW Newsradio 1060

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