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Local Assassination Researcher Has Little Interest In JFK Documents

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- One long-time assassination researcher from Philadelphia has little interest in the latest JFK document dump.

Retired attorney Vincent Salandria was a teacher at Bartram High School in 1964 when he read all 26 volumes of the Warren Report and became one of the first skeptics to step forward and attack the Commission's findings.

"Come on, it's so transparent that Oswald was just a patsy," he said.

Salandria remains entrenched in his belief that JFK was the victim of a military-security state coup-d'etat, an act of violence that, he says, begat violence on a global stage.

"We became militarized and now we're involved in perpetual war. I don't think the American people want to accept the idea that the vital aspects of our republic were shot away at Dealy Plaza and we have a militarized society."

But those on the Oswald-did-it-side are equally entrenched in their beliefs, which is why Salandria believes this assassination document dump will be of little consequence.

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