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Local Amtrak Survivor Continues To Battle Injuries

By David Spunt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The investigation into the Amtrak crash that left eight dead and over 200 wounded continues, and a local survivor tells Eyewitness News he'll never be the same.

"You never know when your last day on Earth is and I was close," Lenny Knobbs said.

Knobbs survived the horrific crash and more than a month later, he says his nightmare continues to haunt him.

"I'm seeing a therapist because every time I close my eyes I relieve the whole tragedy," Knobbs said.

Knobbs had never used Amtrak before, but decided to take a train on May 12 for a business meeting in New York. When the train derailed, Knobbs, who was in the third car, says he flew out of his seat, and a table collapsed on him. He suffered a bruised lung, four broken ribs, a leg injury and a fractured spine.

"I had bruises all over my face for about a week and a half. Cuts all over my face," he said.

Knobbs continues to see a physical therapist and his goal is to walk again without help.

"I'm happy that I'm alive but I'm also sad because people did die in this. It's a tragedy," Knobbs said.

Engineer Brandon Bostian has not been charged with any crime. His attorney has gone on the record saying his client does not remember the crash. NTSB officials have yet to release Bostian's toxicology reports.

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