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Lito Sheppard Says Donovan McNabb Threw Up In The Super Bowl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Immaculate Reception, the Phantom Punch, Babe Ruth's 'Called Shot,' and Donovan's Vomit. Whether or not Donovan McNabb threw up in the Super Bowl is on the list of the great unsolved mysteries in the history of sport ,at least in Philadelphia.

And now, there is a new chapter in the story.

Former Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard, as a guest of 94WIP's Rob Charry and Hollis Thomas on Saturday, said McNabb did in fact throw up.

The conversation went like this:

Rob: During Super Bowl, whatever it was, after the 2004 season, did Donovan [McNabb] throw up in the huddle?

Lito: Yes, he did.

Rob: We finally got the answer!

Lito: I think it was more so, walking to the line of scrimmage, I think.

Rob: More details! You saw this, or you just heard a third-account?

Lito: I saw it. It just happened. He was walking up and, you know. What can you do? If it's coming you just got to turn and---

Lito: Because it was so subtle, it happened so subtle.

Rob: You saw it though?

Lito: I saw it.

Until there is video, we will never truly know. Somehow, it may be better that way.

LISTEN: Rob Charry and Hollis Thomas interview Lito Sheppard

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