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New Lip Filler Product Promises No More Fake-Looking Lips

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) -- No more fake-looking big lips. That's the promise of a new lip-filler product that just became available here in Philadelphia.

It's a natural-looking filler called Volbella.

For Amanda Grossman, a busy mother with a 16-month-old son who never has enough time for make-up, the look of her lips always bothered her. "The top lip has always just been a little thinner than my bottom lip," said Amanda who lives in Cherry Hill.

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Full lips are the hot look in Hollywood these days but there are lip-filler horror stories all over YouTube.

"I was always afraid that if I were to get it done since my lips are already a little full, it would be too noticeable and appear too fake," said Amanda. "It really does change a person's look, sometimes worse, sometimes better."

Volbella, which is FDA-approved, is formulated to provide subtle, natural results. "It comes in a syringe," says Cherry Hill plastic surgeon Steve Davis.

Dr. Davis is among the first in the area to use Volbella.

"It's going to give a little bit more fullness and smoothness without making a clumping or real, like, gigantic appearance," Dr. Davis explains. He says you can see results immediately and there is no bruising.

When Amanda decided to get Volbella, Dr. Davis applied a numbing cream before injecting Volbella. "This new product is something that everybody has been clamoring for, for a very long time," he said. "It's a game changer, it really is."

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The series of tiny injections take just a few minutes and Amanda says they weren't that painful.

She loved the results from Volbella and says the look it has given her lips doesn't seem drastic. The results last for about a year which is longer than other fillers. The price of Volbella injections start at $475.

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