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Lines Form Outside Delaware DMVs For Coveted 5-Digit License Plate Numbers

DOVER, Del. (CBS) — The Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles is once again selling its limited edition five-digit license plates on Tuesday. The DMV sells these special plates only once a year.

The five-digit black and white license plates are a coveted item in Delaware. Typically, the lower the number the more desirable it is, with some fetching thousands of dollars on the secondary market.

On Tuesday, people won't be able to choose their plate number, they'll get whichever available number comes next.

All four Delaware DMV locations, New Castle, Dover, Delaware City and Georgetown, will be selling the special plates while supplies last.

If one location runs out of plates, people will have to go to another location in hopes that they still have stock.

Eyewitness News caught up with people lined up early Tuesday morning at the New Castle DMV location before doors opened at 8 a.m.

"I also have several antique cars and that's the reason I want them, for the antique cars," said Neil Blanchette, of North Wilmington. "It kind of adds a little antiquity to the cars, to have the low-digit plates."

"I had one and I lost it so I'm out here to try to get one again," said Dorothy Jones, of Wilmington. "It's something I want to pass down to my grandkids, to be honest, and something I want to keep in the family."

To get a special plate, you have to give up your current license plate, pay $115 for the plate and $5 for the sticker, plus transfer fees.

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