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Liability For Car Accidents Of Others

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Did you know there are times you can be held liable for a car accident, even if you're not driving? Even if you're not in the car.

A New Jersey college student was sued after she sent texts to her boyfriend when she knew he was driving. And. according to the lawsuit, she should be held responsible because, while responding to her message, he plowed into a motorcycle, seriously injuring the couple riding on it.

Sound farfetched?

A Judge thought so and ruled that she could not be held liable. But there are times when you can be sued even if you're not driving, or even in the car.

If you own a bar and a patron gets into his car drunk and hurts others, you can be sued. You can be sued for serving visibly intoxicated adults who then get into accidents in states like New Jersey with social host liability laws - and in every state if you serve minors. And if you're kid gets into an accident in your car, you can be held financially responsible.

The bottom line in all of these cases - even in the texting case - is that it's always in your best interest to prevent your friends from doing stupid things like drunk or distracted driving.

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