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LeSean McCoy Opens Up About Early Ending To Eagles' Season

By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- After the Eagles take on the Giants to wrap up their season on Sunday, LeSean McCoy will set his sights on preparing for his seventh NFL season. In the first six seasons, McCoy has established himself as one of the league's most dangerous offensive weapons and this year he became the franchise leader in rushing.

McCoy's year was characterized by an early injury, stories surrounding him off the field and questions about whether or not his game is declining.

Through all of that, McCoy put together a rather productive season, but it just did not feel like the type of season everyone expected for #25. McCoy addressed his attitude as he prepares to enter another NFL off-season on The Players Lounge on Monday.

"I'll evaluate myself thoroughly," McCoy said when describing how he'll begin the off-season. Despite having been through this a lot, McCoy knows the process is never quite the same.

LISTEN: LeSean McCoy discusses the end of the Eagles' season on The Players Lounge

"I think every year gets different," McCoy said. "I feel like when I was a rookie and in my second year, you just feel like you're always in shape, eat whatever you want."

Now in his sixth season, that is not quite the case.

"It's all about being a professional and taking care of your body like it's your actual real business because it is."

McCoy went on to describe that he might even begin the process sooner rather than later.

"I think I might train a little early this year," McCoy said. "I read something with Kobe Bryant. I'm a big Kobe Bryant fan. He said something where no matter how well he does or how bad he does if he doesn't get to that playoffs he feels like he wasted a whole year."

McCoy seems to share that sentiment with Bryant.

"I feel the same like good or bad, bad or good, I feel like it was just a waste of time. You can't wait to just speed things up and get right back to it."

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