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LeSean McCoy: Home Losing Streak 'Not Fair To The Fans'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Eagles go into Sunday's game with Washington having lost 10 consecutive games at Lincoln Financial Field. Though there have been many theories, there seems to be no real explanation for the team's poor play at home, save for last season's poor play pretty much everywhere.

Eagles fans expressed their displeasure in the form of boos very early in the last home game, when the offense sputtered in the first quarter against the Giants.

LeSean McCoy is on the same page with those fans.

"The biggest thing is [the losing streak is]  just not fair to the fans. I think, the fans, they watch us each week---even away games they cheer their butts off," McCoy said on the 94WIP Players Lounge show on Monday night. "A lot of them come to the home games expecting the same results and we're not providing that. So, that's just the biggest thing that I hate. When they have to come out and support us, when we're looking like that team that they root for week in and week out and we let them down on Sunday's, at home."

McCoy has been a more vocal leader this season, at least in the press.

"I'm in the city a lot and I meet different fans and people and I hear a little of what they're saying, and they've been here a long time rooting for the Eagles," McCoy said. "So I can understand how they really feel and I wish I could something about it. I'm trying to. The message to the fans is, just have faith in us, have our backs, but it's hard to really say that when we're not putting up the stats and winning games and they're spending their hard earned money to watch us."

The Eagles followed up their two most recent home losses, to Dallas and the Giants, with two big road wins over Oakland and the Packers. It would be easy to point toward the location of the games as a reason for the improved play, but more consistent quarterback play is probably more likely the reason.

The two straight wins have put the Eagles in the driver's seat in the NFC East. With a win on Sunday, they will sit alone atop the division.

"You're fighting for something. When a coach can tell you, 'guys go out there, give it your all and the results if they're good then it's good lose'. When before, it's like go out there and play hard because you're supposed to," McCoy said. "Now, we really can get it done, I think, being 5-5. Each game we have a chance to increase our record and be better."

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