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Lehigh County Chemical Company Creates Mind Blowing Props For Hollywood

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many of us have seen those scary zombies in T.V Shows like 'The Walking Dead" or in movies with dragons and dinosaurs. But before the creatures arrived in Hollywood, they got their start in Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County.

It's the place where ideas are inspired. It's where a fantasy creature, a vicious villain, or even a horrific head is mixed to perfection and marvelously molded.

This is Smooth-On, a chemical company that does so much more.

This is the place where props, plus anything else that comes from a mold is born. The company provides materials to Hollywood and Pinewood Studios in the UK for making props, such as Thor's hammer.

They've even got zombie making covered. They invented a product called 'Skin Tite' to make up the zombies on the 'Walking Dead'. All of the materials used to bring the zombies to life are translucent and very similar to natural skin. They are the materials used in Hollywood.

The company produces mind blowing molds for a world of applications.

Smooth-On also gives people hands on training in the basics of mold making. The company says thousands of people, from all over the world, have attended Smooth-On's training seminars.

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